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The Best in Rebuilt Title Cars, Salvaged Vehicles, and Clear Title Cars

Here at Rock Auto, we specialize in Salvaged/Rebuildable/Clear title vehicles. The goal here at Rock Auto is to make it worth your while to drive a newer, nicer vehicle with low mileage AND still save money.

The pressure of buying a “new” car can be overwhelming.  Come visit us and browse our inventory.  Even if the car is a “salvage” title, with our job we can help get you in a vehicle and do EVERYTHING needed to get it to the status of “REBUILT” for you.  We even have a list of banks that can make it a breeze to get a loan through them (See our Bank page). To buy a car should be an effortless experience so you drive away with a great car AND still save money (That’s sums us up perfectly).

What We Look for in Our Rebuildable Vehicles

When looking for vehicles to sell for our lot, we take into consideration that the vehicle is not at the top of the retail value before you even get to start buying parts for the vehicle. We look at each vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle runs, drives, and is safe to get a REBUILT status with just minimal work.

When we receive a vehicle, it goes through an inspection. We remove parts if needed, and clean or even fix the vehicles enough for easy transportation.

Rock Auto likes to give our customers PLENTY of room to repair the vehicle and still stay within the lower end of the retail value so it is a win/win situation. The vehicles cannot be driven on the road without a REBUILT title. See our definitions page if you have questions about Salvage/Rebuilt Titles.  Please make sure to stop by or call.  We love to help!